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Ezy-FLASH - Subaru MY01-MY11

Ezy-FLASH is a hardware device that stores ROM images (programs) that can be programmed into supported vehicle's ECUs. It incorporates the latest technology in engine management reprogramming by reflashing the factory ECU. This allows for non-invasive and easily reversible program upgrades.

The Ezy-FLASH is compatible with existing ROM editing software currently on the market so custom tunes can easily be uploaded into your Ezy-FLASH using the Tune Manager software. With ROM capacity to store 100+ tunes, you'll have plenty of space to store as many custom tunes as you desire.

Ezy-FLASH is capable of reading parameter data from compatible vehicles using the OBDII diagnostic port and clearing diagnostic trouble codes.

Ezy-FLASH is able to record several performance metrics, such as 1/4mile time and speed, and 0-60MPH time.

Supports Subaru MY01-11 EJ20T and EJ25T models. It is supplied with OBDII cable, programming cable, USB cable, Tune Manager software, Quick Start Guide and a 2 year warranty.

For more information see the About Ezy-FLASH page.


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